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Digital Literacy for the Blind & Low Vision

ATRIEV, in partnership with Microsoft YouthSpark, invites you to:

  • Learn Windows operating system and Microsoft Office applications
  • Use a screen reader or screen magnification software
  • Keep your computer safe from common threats, like viruses and malware
  • Join workshops on life skills and presentation and platform skills

OPEN to persons with visual impairment, with or without computer background:

  • high school and college students, preferably those who will specialize in IT
  • working professionals

6 weeks, Aug 15 – Sep 23, 2016.  Mon-Fri, 830am-530pm at the ATRIEV Training Center, Quezon City.

Register now. Call Babes Buendia. Tel +632 725 4191, 370-5699. Mobile +63 9183046118, 9173958202, 9333018154

Registration fee – 500 pesos. Lodging available for those who come from outside Metro Manila.


In ATRIEV, we teach the blind how to use computers

And we help the blind develop life skills so they can live independently, find a job, work in a team, and communicate well.

Photo of Dieter alighting from a jeepney
Dieter, an ATRIEV graduate, alighting from a jeepney, on his way to work